Hierarchical Notes


Hierarchical notes is about organizing your notes using hierarchies. A note in a hierarchy usually has one parent and any number of children.


Path Traversal

Path traversal is a means of looking up a note via its path in a hierarchy

Getting Started

At its most basic, a user can start off with a single one level hierarchy (eg. Inbox) and lump all their notes inside. As they accumulate more notes, they can split their notes into multiple hierarchies (eg. Inbox, Projects, People, Health, etc). As more notes are accumulated, they might add an extra level to their hierarchies (eg. Projects/work, Projects/personal).

For most domains, hierarchies of one or two levels is sufficient though people can go further if they wish.


While its possible to adopt the hierarchal notes system using any tool that supports hierarchies, to take full advantage of it, you will want a tool with the following capabilities:

  • ability to find notes via their hierarchy (eg. Dendron Lookup)
  • ability to change hierarchies (and update all links pointing to notes within the hierarchy) (eg. Dendron Refactor)
  • ability to keep track of your hierarchies (eg. Dendron Schemas)
  • ability to create notes inside a hierarchy (eg. Dendron Lookup)