Bullet Journal


Bullet journaling (BuJo for short) is a note-taking methodology developed by Ryder Carroll that emphasizes simplicity of setup and quick note taking to ensure that you stay productive instead of simply busy.

As events and tasks are put on your plate throughout the day, BuJo is great at providing enough guidance so you won't be overwhelmed, allowing you the time and space to reflect on what you're working on while, and providing flexibility so you can evolve your BuJo practice at your own rate.


BuJo is a set of practices, coupled with four major collections to help organize tasks, events and notes. The main features are:

  1. Rapid Logging: quick, bulleted lists and a lack of full sentences is intended to lower the barrier to taking notes.
  2. Bullets: This is the syntax of BuJo. Every entry is accompanied by a bullet, with 3 main categories

  1. Collections: There are 4 "default" collections of bullets - (1) the Index, (2) Future log, (3) Monthly log and (4) Daily log. Collections are simply a logical grouping of bullets to make it easy to find later.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is by picking up a notebook and following along at the Bujo Learn Site

For a digital implementation, there have been various translations to markdown, this is one of them. You primarily need to set up an index and a daily journal and just begin by following the same system (rapid logging into a markdown file)